For consumers Quick tips

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    Avoid dubious sources peddling medicinal cures

    • Adulterated and counterfeit medicines may have names and appearances similar to those sold in clinics or pharmacies. However they are from dubious backgrounds and are likely to have poor quality control during manufacturing. These medicines may also contain pharmaceutical ingredients which can be dangerous for you to take without proper supervision from your doctor.
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    Beware of deals that seem too good to be true

    • Beware of products which are selling at significantly lower prices than clinics and pharmacies. Too good to be true? It usually is.
    • Always buy your medicines from registered clinics and pharmacies.
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    Don’t be fooled by the claims

    • 'Scientific' claims - Some products may make claims based on scientific studies and evidence. Some go as far as to reference medical journals that have published research papers on the topic. Always consult your doctor or check the HSA website for the list of registered products.
    • '100%' claims - No product out there is completely free of risk. Some of these 'natural' or 'herbal' products have been found to contain potent medicinal ingredients.
    • 'Miracle' claims - Consumers should always be wary of products that promise fast results. These usually come at a price which is not stated within the sales pitch - adverse effects and even death!
    • 'Personal success' claims - Marketing gimmicks such as personal testimonials are often employed by sellers. Regardless of how convincing the testimonials are, always view them with a little scepticism. They may not be true accounts.
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    See your doctor!

    • With the wealth of information that is available over the Internet today, the trend nowadays is for people to self-medicate. This can be dangerous because you may misdiagnose your ailment, and by putting off the visit to the doctor, you run the risk of it getting worse. So always seek proper advice from your doctor on your medical condition.