Illegal weight loss pills cut your weight, but harm your health.

The social perception that being slim is looking good has found itself deeply ingrained into our mindsets. We are constantly surrounded by posters and imagery of waifish models.

This has contributed to the rise of buying weight loss products online. While these products might offer significant discounts and wide varieties over their physical retail counterparts, you have to be wary of the origin of these products.

Buying through online sources might be convenient and cheap, but there is no way of verifying the claims that the suppliers make. Unscrupulous online sellers may even try to sell you products containing harmful ingredients that have not been declared.

Remember, most of the weight loss products are not what they profess to be. Think twice before clicking on that 'checkout' button from online websites. The weight loss product you purchase might be causing you to lose your life instead of your weight.

Case Study

In 2008, there was a spate of unrelated cases in which victims experienced health issues after ingesting weight loss pills. The pills contained sibutramine, a slimming ingredient which was undeclared in the pill.

The matter was brought to HSA's attention by doctors who attended to 2 patients, who both admitted to buying the pills online. One of the patients later supplied HSA with samples of the pill in question, and it was tested to contain 12mg of sibutramine.

The maximum daily dose of sibutramine in patients is 15mg per day, but the product was recommended to be consumed at a rate of 2 tablets per day. That is a total of about 24mg of sibutramine a day, much higher than the recommended daily dosage.

The patient experienced hallucinations and palpitations, both symptoms of psychosis. Sibutramine is known to have other side effects, including insomnia, headache and anxiety. Patients have also been reported to have suffered from other complications such as high blood pressure and a faster than normal heart rate.

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